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Properties in Murcia for sale.

How buy property legal in Los Alcazares, Murcia, Costa Blanca, Spain for sale We Recommend that you seek legal advise from an independent Spanish Lawyer. 

There is a number of properties for sale here in Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain.

 If Considering buying a holiday or to retirement property in Murcia, you can still do this after brexit.

Allow around 10 % to 12% on top of the property purchase price.

For the 8% Tax - Notary & Stamp 2% - 1% Legal -Fees are always based on the declared value of the property, (and this of course has a bearing if applying for a mortgage).

The Spanish Legal regulation in place as" the law of public fees" makes it no longer possible to declare a very low figure, and the can be penalties for gross under-valuation.

Before you can buy a property in Spain, you need 2 full working weekdays to do all the Legal aspect and running round opening bank accounts, speaking to lawyers, going in to Murcia  city for N.I.E Tax Number this all takes time .This is to save coming back over and this will delay your ownership of a property .  This can take 4 to 8 weeks to complete the purchase on the property at Notary. We arrange this with you.

Most of the re-sales Apartments, Townhouses, Villas and finca properties for sale come furnished including the white goods and in some cases TV Sky Box ect. All ways put in a lower offer on property,

We will act for you to get the best possible deal. As you need to do the following 1) (1) Make sure you come with a 2000 Euros deposit. this secures the property and in some case is refundable  as long as you have it in writing on the pre contract should you change your mind to go forward on the property .

You will have to apply for an N.I.E. number (tax number) to the Police station in Murcia city or Cartagena and fill in the forms and passport copies are need.

Or your Spanish Lawyer can obtain this for you, with your power of attorney. This saves time and he can act for you to save you flying over again. 2) You must also open a Spanish Bank Account . We can arrange to do this prior to you coming to Spain.  2) You will require to tell your banks in the UK that you will may need to transfer money to spain quickly.

 They will give you a security code number from your U. K branch to transfer money when required.  4) Have whatever funds you may require in place to save delay and disappointment. 5) Contact your credit card company to let them know you are going to Spain and may require more than normal withdrawals.  6) If you require a mortgage the maximum amount that can be borrowed is depending on the Banks therefore the difference must be in place and made available. 7) Bring a UK Bank Draft or Cheque Book for the purchase of a property a deposit of 3000  Euros is required. Or you might lose that property. You can always take it back. Many clients have lost there dream home because they did not come prepared.  8) We will assist in opening bank accounts. Requirements for a property mortgage are - either arrange this in the UK through your own bank prior to coming to Spain. Lloyds. Abbey, Santander, Barclays, and many more banks over here in Los Alcazares Murcia - If your looking for a Spanish Mortgages or Bank loans you need.- (a) Passports (b) P60 (If both are working 2 P60 s. will be required) (c) The last 2 months bank statements or (Tax Cert) & (Company print out of income from your accountant if Self employed ) (d) Credit Check Report-Confirmation of all outstanding balances on any existing mortgage and any other loans ie credit card etc. e) It is advisable to have Spanish wills made out as well as British wills in case there are complications at a later date. This can be done through a lawyer.) after the property is in owner ship We help Find an independent Spanish Lawyer who speaks English. We can also arrange rental and property management services for your property after purchase.


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Spain has one of the largest British expatriate communities in the EU and has been at pains to reassure them that their rights will be protected after Brexit! 

We can offer spanish mortgages including 1.95% interest rate fixed for 20 years. 

You may ask why choose property in Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain.

We are a British Company Hartland Property,

Let us help find your place in Murcia .

Inspection trips accommodation hotels  arranged in the area you choose to view.

We are Property Consultants & Brokers for Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain. -  

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